The "making fun of fanfiction" to "crying" pipeline - Mon, Aug 1 2022
or, how I learned to stop caring about quality and love fanfic

A Story Of Subliminals: Part 1.5 - Tue, Jul 5 2022
The game plan (1 year later)

Gnome, and why it sucks - Mon, Jan 31 2022
yes, even worse than The new Trio 😈💗💗💗 - Corina Dust 😈😝

So... what happens when we die? - Fri, Apr 23 2021
But like, I really do want to fuck Angel Dust when I die.

Why are printers shit? - Mon, Apr 12 2021
Fuck you, Canon.

A Story Of Subliminals: Part I - Fri, Apr 6 2021
That moment when you want to learn sex jokes so much you turn to magic audio.