10 Minute Smut Challenge

I tried to write smut in 10 minutes and proceeded to kill myself afterwards

“Dammit! Why’d he have to find me here?!” You think to yourself, cowering in fear under a long forgotten studio member’s desk. You feel a presence above you… it seems your time was up.


The table shatters into thousands of wooden fragments and inky drops, scattering around the room as you back up to the nearest wall seeing the demon slowly approach you.

You see your life flash before your eyes. Henry… dammit, why did I come in here for my shitty father again? The demon picks you up, bringing you towards his mouth. You pray to what lords are left above to save you from this torture. But.. wait, why hasn’t he eaten you yet? Your very sOuL quivers in fear at what else he might want. And then he rips your clothes off.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING” You then look down, and see a slowly growing inky appendage. Ah. Well, if you die, at least you get to do it while being fucked.

Don’t worry love, it’ll be okay-” his surprisingly normal and.. caring-sounding voice was cut off by animalistic grunts. You could feel his phallus tease and touch my ‘area’, although this was not his intention most likely; just plotting it out, as reference for the future. Why he may need this in the future? You didn’t know! If you still ended up alive after this and he was still talking, you might ask some of these questions.

In the meantime, however, you have to contend with the current issue of BEING FUCKED BY THE INK DEMON. You could feel him thrusting into you now; while this was obviously very fucked up, you almost felt.. pleas- “no,” you screamed mentally. “He cannot manipulate me like this!” But he could. He definitely could. You felt the arousal building in your lower area as the thrusts intensified into a intense rhythm. You felt as if you, who has never been fucked before in your life, might come for the first time from the Ink Demon who’s been terrorizing your life fo- Agnh! You moan in Ecstasy as you come.