Welcome To The Studio

“Uh.. anyone home?” I asked, hearing only the scurrying of rats that had long since infested the abandoned studio in response. “Well, guess not. Time to find those items on that scavenger hunt!”

My friends had sent me to the studio as a dare; we had always seen the old animation studio down the road as cool, but our parents never let us explore it. Hell, we didn’t even know what the studio made. Now on our own, however, no-one could tell us what to do! When dropping me off, they made sure I knew what to grab:

Stepping further into the studio, I found.. the power was on? It wasn’t like the power bill was paid; the sign on the wall said this place was made in 1929! There was no way that this place should’ve even had power so many years later! On the bright side, at least, I wouldn’t have to use a flashlight to navigate around. So, off I was, trying to find the items my friends and I wanted.

First up: the inkwell. “Simple enough,” I thought. And, sure enough, there was one right there on the entrance desk. There was even a cork to prevent spillage! How thoughtful of them.

After securing it in my bag, I began scouring around the place for the other items in my list. “For being abandoned for so long, this place really is holding up quite well. Guess it must be that old-fashioned wood Papa always used to talk about,” I thought while making a shrugging motion. Regardless of the oddly good condition, I continued onward.

And, after searching around for a bit, I had finally found a tape! “Hellfire Fighter…” an odd name, I thought, but it sounded fun! I was excited to find out how to digitize it to watch the hijinks of the character who I’d long-since discovered was named Bendy (the guy was around everywhere, how was I not supposed to find him out!). On the way out of the room, the latest in a pile of absurd attempts by fate to scare me happened (I had already ran into multiple falling planks and screeching gears, but I guessed these were just results of the studio’s age); but this one had finally set off my Bullshit Detector.

There was a Bendy cutout right where I entered the room. There was no other way to get in and out either, so it would be impossible for me to have just missed the big cardboard devil right in the front of me. People said I had no common sense, but I wasn’t that blind? Right?

“F/N? F/N2? Are you fucking with me?… Guys? Anyone?” All I heard was the studio’s ambiance in response.