How was the fall?

“Well, shucks!” He might’ve been limited to a cartoon vernacular, but Bendy still knew that he had mightily screwed up. He had no choice left but to drag them back to his ‘home.’ Well, by ‘drag,’ he meant something more along the lines of ‘send them there via ink.’ He hadn’t really had a chance to test it with a human before but.. there wasn’t really much of an option. His physical strength had dwindled with no-one around, and he couldn’t just.. wake them up. He might be an ink creature, but he’d seen and.. remembered enough to know what fainting was. And so, in hopes that they were in one piece, he traveled back to his humble abode.

And, thankfully, as he arrived in his ink-soaked ‘portal room’ (even now, the ink still makes a mess!), he saw Y/N in the same condition as before. Well, their clothes were completely stained with ink, but otherwise, they were in the same condition. And, when he leaned to check on them, he found that they were still breathing. It’s never a guarantee, but he was pretty sure they’d wake up, from what he remembered of humans. And so, Y/N was carried to the bed he had, and laid down, for a hopefully restful sleep.

I heard my phone alarm ring. “Ugh, is the weekend over already?!” I struggled to turn over and find my phone by memory, and opened my eyes to find it. And then I noticed; “where the fuck am I?!” I looked around at the room, seeing my ink-soaked old backpack in the corner. And then I remembered that I had fainted in the studio upon seeing-

“Toots? You awake?” Yeah, them. I was awake; but what would this thing do if it knew that?

Begrudgingly, I responded; “Yeah, sadly.” Bendy asked, “could I come in there with you?” Well, I had nothing left to lose, so I gave him the go-ahead. When he entered, I found that he had not lost any of his.. qualities. But, regardless, I was probably stuck with him for at least a bit, so we had to make amends and not be a complete ass. He dragged me across presumably the entire studio, he could probably kill me any time he wanted to. So, I had to play it cool, for the sake of Not Dying.

“Why wouldn’t you wanna be awake? I’m not that bad… I hope..

“No, not you.. well I mean, y-you kinda just kidnapped me and made me fall out in the first place. Just.. this. What the hell is this place?”

“I wish I knew. I don’t even remember when I was made, only the pain and suffering involved.”

He was just guilt-tripping. Didn’t even know that existed when he was made, but oh well.

He continued, “Anyways, getting off of that topic.. what’s your name?”

Hmm… no real harm in telling him my real name. “Y/N,” I said.

“What a wonderful name, Y/N!”

“Thanks, I guess..”

“Do you want anything? I don’t have much, but there’s probably something here you could use…”

“Could you please hand me that stupid bag so I can turn off the damned alarm?!” I almost felt bad about yelling at him, now.

“Cranky? You probably want some alone time.. I’ll leave now.”

“Wait, no-” He had closed the door before I could get it out.

Whatever, I just wanted out of here; I don’t even know why I care this much by now. But before that, I had to turn off this damn alarm without getting even more ink on me…