The Revival

Yes, I know, chapter name is terrible

It took me this long to write the chapter why do you think I’m good at ideas 😭

Now with one more psychologist’s phone number whom I couldn’t afford, I was back home. With only my thoughts, the clothes (and ink) on my back, and- where’s my backpack? Oh. Oh no. All the things I went in there for! They’re still in there? Are they cursed? Who knows?!

At this point I was beginning to believe that my promise was a bad idea.. but a promise is a promise, and I felt bad for the guy, soooooooooo. Hopefully, at least, tomorrow we can talk on better terms. Also, does ink wash out of cotton?

The next day…

Well, it sure does wash out of the clothes. Doesn’t go anywhere else, though. It all clumped up into one big blob of ink.. which was weird, because ink shouldn’t be able to hold its own form. I mean, I don’t even know why in the hell I was questioning this at this point considering I saw a living cartoon character, but I guess I was just trying to retain a sense of sanity as.. yeah, I was definitely questioning my mental status by now.

Was Bendy really there? Well, yes, F/N saw him too. But- maybe the studio just has some sort of magic illusion field around it? I mean, it does make sense, but it’s also more likely that there are literal ink creatures. So, I had to go with the simplest possible solution… somehow, in the interim between the studio’s heyday and now, they managed to create artificial life with ink. How they managed this? I’d love to know! Wait- am I just talking myself into going back? I’m probably just talking myself into going back at this point. Dammit…

Unsurprisingly, the bus station doesn’t stop right by the studio. The 5 minute walk to get there was my last chance to really contemplate the situation I was in.. was it really worth it? Maybe Bendy was just trying to lure me in to bite my frontal lobe off (I played a bit of FNAF 3 last night to take my mind off things), or… nahhhhhh, it’s probably fine.

Bendy waited, hoping, praying with what little trust he had in his creators, that Y/N would come back for him. Actually, scratch that last one; his creators would probably drop Y/N in a pit before letting them meet again.

And, when he had almost lost hope… the door creaked.

“Bendy? You still there?” Y/N’s voice echoed across the empty studio. Bendy practically leapt into the portal he had already created, almost crashing directly into them.

“Y/N! Y-you actually came back!”

“I mean, why not? I still think what I said-”

Bendy was ecstatic to see you again!.. probably a bit too excited, if anything, as he began to sink into an inky puddle on the floor (he had let too much attention be pulled away from properly maintaining his ink form).

“Oh, heh, sorry about that. Happens sometimes,” Bendy said with a shrug as you looked on in horror. “Anyways, wha’cha been up too?”

You snapped out of your stupor. “Oh, uh, nothing much, just thinking.”

“‘Bout what?”

“Nothing, just.. what are you?”

Bendy became notably dejected at this question.

“I- uh- it’s okay, we can talk about something else. Uh…”

”… Well, I can show you around!”

“Sure… that’d be… nice.. I guess.”

Now he was guiding me on a tour of the studio and.. yeah, without all the pressure of my first time being here, its really boring. Depressing, if anything-

“And here we have the breakroom! This is where the employees would come to rest a bit after working hard. Sucks that they’re dead now, but what could you do!”

Turns out, it seems like Bendy ran out of interest too after that room; and so did the building’s architects, it looked like. The place was a disaster now, and looked like it caused one helluva work environment (if the weird sticky notes complaining about Bendy’s smile (“I see those went well appreciated,” I think with a smirk as I think of Bendy’s face and- oh god why is that the first thing that came to my mind) and ink scrabbles on the wall were anything to go by).

“Say… who wrote all of these inky messages on the wall?” I asked him as we passed by another, still shimmering (does this ink ever dry?) message of “The Creator Lied To Us” on the wall.

“Oh, heh.. those may or may not have been me.”

”… why?”

“I was in an, uh…” he shivers. “Not so great place back then, haha, yeah! Everything is good now though! Especially now that I have a friend..”

Aww, the poor thing was just too cute even in his demonic ink demon monster form…

And that’s when the floor fell out from underneath us.